why are diesels bad for the enviroment



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    Diesel engines are very efficient engines. They yield a lot of torque for a given amount of fuel. They also produce rather small amounts of carbon monoxide. Sounds like it would be good for the environment, right?

    Well, one of the major problems is the sulfur in the exhaust. The sulfur goes into the atmosphere and turns into sulfuric acid, which then falls down as acid rain. It is bad for trees, plants, and people. Additionally, standard catalytic converters do not work well with diesel because of the sulfur presence.

    There is also the issue of the soot from diesel engines, though more modern diesel engines are employing secondary burners to minimize the soot.


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    Diesel exhaust is a carcinogen and is responsible for about 70% of air pollution’s cancer risk. In addition, the process of making diesel harms the environment. Both processes emit pollution that damages the ozone, creates, acid rain, nitrification of water bodies, respiratory ailments, lung disease, cancer, and smog.

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