why are deserts increasing in size



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    Desertification is caused by many varying factors, but the primary ones are climate change and human activities.

    Poor farming by humans is a large cause of desertification. This was the cause of the Dust Bowl in the 1930’s. Many farmers would clear their lands for planting, but by removing all of the trees high winds were able to form and blow the small crops off the ground leaving nothing but dust.

    Livestock can also be a large cause of desertification. By over working the land by farm animals they can deplete the ground of any crops and this can cause the same dust problem as stated above.

    Climate change is another large factor. As weather patterns change so do landscapes. In areas where rainfall has drastically dropped it is much harder for crops to survive. Without proper farming and watering techniques in place plants and trees can die and lead to desertification.

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