Why are corporations having such a hard time transitioning to sustainability?



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    The Ivey Business Journal suggests that although the benefits of becoming sustainable are numerous, it is difficult to do. The state that there is evidence that businesses that invest in sustainability are no worse off financially than those that do and the employees, customers, and investors of sustainable firms are happier and more committed. Not only that, but philantropy can yield financial rewards. Yet when they interviewed the top 15 sustainable Canadian businesses they found there are many hurdles, including: it is too hard to measure sustainability and therefore too hard to prove, the government need to create incentives for sustainable practices, consumers need to factor sustainabilty into their purchase decisions otherwise there is no incentive for the producers to change, companies need to learn how to motivate employees to be sustainable, sustainability supposedly does not fit with business models, comapnies can’t dicriminate between the best opportunities and threats, organizations have trouble maintaining credibility and do not want to appear as through they are green washing, and so on. 

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    One issue corporations have is that they do not develop a plan and implement it well. The internal stakeholders are usually resistant and finding the green external stakeholders, such a a green supply chain can be a process that a company does not want to spend money on. Corporations are notoriously known for making profit. Plus there is no set standard for green and sustainability and corporations do not want to spend time generating even more reports. 

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