Why are coral reefs important?



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    Coral reefs provide protection for a variety of fish species. Coral reefs are also important because the amount of carbon dioxide in ocean water. Without it, the carbon dioxide levels in the ocean would rise to unhealthy levels, affecting virtually all life on Earth. Lastly, coral reefs minimize large currents and waves, acting as a barrier between the water and the shore.

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    Coral reefs support an immense multitude of life– even the coral itself comes from a living creature called a polyp. When coral dies, due to pollution or white band disease the animals that live in and around the reef die as well, and the effects can spread throughout the entire ecosystem and food chain. It is important to protect existing reefs because healthy reef takes hundreds of years to grow.

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    Coral reefs are very diverse environments and are one of the most valuable ecosystems on earth. Because they support the most species of any marine habitat, their loss also means the loss of habitat for many marine animals and plants.

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