Why are conventional lights bulbs being phased out?



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    Because they are inefficient and burn out quickly. LED lights and halogen lights last many more hours and use less energy.

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    Incandescent light bulbs are being phased out because they are much less efficient than LED’s and CFL’s.  They use a lot more energy than other bulbs such as LED’s.  They also produce heat, which can be quite dangerous as it can cause fires or burns to people trying to change the bulb.  

    LED’s are a great alternative.  They are more expensive initally, but they really do save you money in the long term.  CFL’s are cheaper and are more efficient than incandescent bulbs, however not nearly as good as LED’s. 

    Halogen bulbs are good too, however, when using the very small halogen bulbs it is important that you use a tissue to towel to put it in.  The oils from your skin cause them to burn out extremely quickly, and those bulbs are not cheap.  

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