Why are college years so hard on the environment?



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    There is no reason why they have to be. In other word, going to college is not a prerequisite condition for being hard on the environment. And polluting the environment is not a necessary condition of attending college. One can learn to ride a bike all over campus and about sustainable development. But there is something about college and the freedom to do whatever we want that makes us all let loose somewhat. Why is it that we tend to go overboard? Have we missed some important lesson prior to graduating from our high-school level? Should we already know by then how to have fun and lead our lives without harming the environment? Perhaps the question should be: “Why are all school years so hard on the environment?” Because I don’t know about the schools where you went as a child, but at all of mine we were consuming great quantities (of paper, food, energy, materials, etc.) and not doing it in a very environmentally responsible way. So I think it is time for today’s schools to make the change and begin educating students about the ways we can do things to help the earth—like RECYCLING, not OVERUSING, not WASTING things (how many teachers do you know of who will just waste paper like it’s nothing to them?), and CARING about each and every part of this earth… It’s called “eco-lution,” my friends, and it’s coming…

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    I agree, it doesn’t have to be.  While there are many changes going on in one’s life, the environment does not have to take a back seat.  Moreover, being eco friendly often times saves much more money that it takes, and thusly being green in college may be advantageous to many students on a tight budget.

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    I think it depends on the person. It can be hard on the environment if you treat your campus environment crappy by not recycling and throwing garbage everywhere. Many students just drink too much and throw there cans in the middle of campus. However, others clean this up and take it upon themselves to make the college green.

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