Why are climate change deniers so quick to use bad weather as their “evidence” that it doesn’t exist when 90% of the time they wont take hot weather as evidence that it does exist?



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    Climate change deniers are people who are payed to deny anything that has anything to do with global warming. Scientific data show that global warming is happening and there isn’t a scientist denying that. Climate change deniers are thus not experts, but to some extent actors who try to convince people that the way we live is okay for the environment, and that mother nature can take care of itself. Using bad weather is a lame excuse but some people buy it. If a person thinks about the weather patterns now compared to 10 years ago it’s pretty obvious that something has changed. 

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    Good question, Pohl. Pointing to cold or extreme weather as “evidence” that global warming does not exist–which some refer to as the “it’s cold today in Wagga Wagga” argument–is an easy argument for climate change deniers to make because many people don’t immediately understand the difference between weather and climate, and because the phrase “global warming” connotes the idea that temperatures everywhere on the Earth will always get warmer all the time. Weather is what’s happening outside your window right now. It is difficult to predict with any consistent accuracy, as the weather forecasters on your local TV station often learn to their detriment. Climate is the long-term condition of the Earth’s atmosphere and hydrosphere. It is predictable. Climate change deniers don’t accept hot weather as evidence in favor of climate change because they’re interested in convincing people that climate change does not exist. What is telling is that climate scientists do not often use single-point weather conditions as “evidence” that climate change is happening–the “it’s hot today in Wagga Wagga” argument, which should tell you that making a judgment on climate change based on single-point weather conditions is not scientifically sound. For that reason people who tell you that global warming must not be happening because it’s cold today or Peoria got a blizzard last week are not being scientific; they are advancing an ideological argument.

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         I think it’s human nature to only pay attention to the things that confirm our pre-existing beliefs. Besides that, climate change deniers don’t have very good scientific data to back up their claims. Cold weather is one of the few pieces of “evidence” they can use to argue their case. 

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    I run into a lot of climate change deniers, who are ordinary people without a scientific background or incentive to discount the claims that are made today.  Their main reasoning is that through out the history of the planet, climate has fluctuated…for instance, the Ice Age, etc.  So, they believe that’s what happening now is no different than changes the world experienced at another time, and is totally irrelevant from man. 

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    I think it is because that they have very little evidence to support that climate change does not exist. Additionally, they often do not have the intelligence and/or knowledge to understand humans effect on the environment. They often come from the lower class and merely listen to Republican politicians, who often preach a similar thing. 

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