Why are cities so against gardens in a persons front yard?



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    Certain cities that have been fighting droughts implemented rules that states that gardens and lawn have been wasting water. Lawns and gardens need plenty of water in order to survive. Most of that water comes from sprinklers have been known to waste plenty of water. Since 2010, cities like Los Angeles has cut down their lawns and gardens in order to conserve water. 

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    As jchang14 mentioned, cities may want to restrict certain front-yard plants due to water shortages. A good way to help your city with its water shortage is to plant a native drought tolerant plant in your front yard that only needs rainwater to thrive. My parents planted a California Native plant in their front yard, and they love it. It is decorative and does not require any additional watering other than what the rain provides it.

    If you are seeking something edible, certain herbs are drought tolerant as well. Rosemary and sage are good ones 🙂

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