Why are cigarettes legal when they kill more people than most drugs?



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    Because of the revenue generated and basically the opposite reason marijuana is still illegal. The government is afraid of real change and will stall until the people will not let them. cigarettes are dangerous and harmful to everyone and only create substantial tax for the states and local governments. 

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    Have you ever watched The Insider? Not only is it a great film but it explains much of your question – and Russel Crowe is in it! However, let’s get back the question at hand.

    First of all, cigarettes are a huge source of tax revenue for the US. Second, cigarettes don’t impair or alter behavior unlike marijuna or other similiar drugs. Also, there was a $246 billion settlement made by tobacco companies with some US states so they could continue making cigarettes. These tobacco companies spent so much money because they knew they could make that money back. No question.

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