Why are children playing outdoors less frequently?



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    Playing outside is important for the development of our children today, and there are a few reasons for its decline in recent times. Parents of today generally seem more protective of their children then in the past. They want to know the exact locations of their children at all times. In addition, we live in modern age, with modern conveniences. It used to be that playing inside meant only a few toys, not being very loud, and not being very engaged. However, the advent of technology has blasted that away. Video games are extremely stimulating, and allow for a wide range of experience without ever leaving your house. They do encourage hand-eye coordination and they help jumpstart the imagination, but they don’t really involve a lot of physical activity.

    Some video game companies have seen this trend and have tried to make video games a more physical experience. An early example is the game “Dance Dance Revolution.” What started as an arcade game in the late 90s became an in-home sensation with portable dance pads.

    I know I loved the game when I was younger. This is a game that causes you to be incredibly active for long periods of time.

    Nintendo was experimenting with motion sensing technology since the early 90s, and when they came out with the Wii, they used all of their research to come up with games that encouraged lots of movement and activity. Playsation followed suit with Move, and so did Xbox, with the Kinect.

    So, a major reason that children are no longer playing outside is because they’re playing video games inside. However, this may not be the laziest thing in the world, due to games that keep kids moving and on their feet.


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