Why are chicken feet not as popular of a dish in America?



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    Every culture has its differences, especially in cuisine. Many people don’t like foreign dishes because they are simply not accustomed to it. It will feel, look, smell, and/or taste weird. This is the case with chicken feet, which tends to be more popular in Asian and South American cuisine. Americans seem to be content with the other parts of chicken.

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    Among the chicken parts least favored by Americans are the wings and feet. The US is actually known for selling these parts for only a couple of cents a pound to countries like China where some consider chicken feet a delicacy. Americans do this because most simply do not care for such dishes. A lot would find these dishes a bit too exotic for their taste. Here in the US, most dishes are served in a certain way. Fish are often served as fillets unlike in Asia where fish is served with the head since the head itself is a delicacy. Pork is often served in slices or diced, but in the Philippines roast pig with the head still on is served. Perhaps the same mentality applies here.

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