Why are certain animals more threatened by extinction, could it be a natural process?



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    Absolutely, extinction is a natural and evolutionary necessary practice; however, humans have had such large environmental impacts on so many ecosystems that we have undeniably caused damage that is not ‘natural’ and largely threatens global biodiversity.

    There are some species that are less robust than others, and confined to smaller and less resilient ecosystems that are in much higher risk for extinction.

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    Some animals have more delicate habitat needs, and they can become threatened when their habitat is altered in any way. Some animals (and plants too) are more highly adaptable. Raccoons, for instance, live in forest habitats, but can adapt comfortably to living in a suburban area where they have space to hide and plenty of garbage to eat.
    Mountain lions, on the other hand, are endangered because whenever a human development is built on their existing habitat, they are pushed into a smaller and smaller area where they can live. Mountain lions cannot coexist with humans like raccoons can, for obvious reasons. They can’t hunt and they’re much more threatening.

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    certainly, it is natural for some species of animals to go into exinction. Take the dinosaurs for instance, “We believe that dinosaurs were probably much like their modern counterparts: alligators, crocodiles, and sea turtles,” Paladino told me. “All of these animals today exhibit some form of TSD (Temperature-dependent Sex Determination).” The enormous asteroid impact is another factor. All these are natural phenomena.

    However, human factors are not to be relegated. they are as important as the natural factors.


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