Why are butterball turkeys so good?



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    Butterball turkeys are injected with  “up to 7 percent of a solution of water, salt, starch, sodium phosphate, and flavors”, in addition to any growth hormones ConAgra (the company that produces Butterball turkeys) may use. This solution serves a couple purposes. It makes the meat plumper, helps keep the bird moist as it bakes, and adds additional flavour to the meat.

    On a side note, I just want to say Butterball turkeys tend to be factory-farmed, with a PETA investigation revealing some rather disturbing housing and slaughter practices.

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    Butterball turkeys have been selectively bred to have extra large breasts and to mature quickly. Factory raised birds, like Butterballs, are also often injected with a water solution. This makes for very juicy and tender birds. Butterball also adds salt to their birds, but recently agreed to use less salt. 

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