Why are builders allowed to clear-cut all trees before putting in new homes?

Shouldn’t there be regulations of some kind that require builders to save some number of trees? Why does every new subdivision seem to start with clear-cutting?



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    The laws surrounding clear-cutting trees are actually local ordinances that are often based on shared desires for particular community esthetics and environmental protection. The local guidelines often provide a clear description of the prohibition, exceptions to it, and penalty given any infractions. If a piece of land is sold to a town, it may be placed under a conservation easement – a legal document between a landowner and a land trust ( a private, nonprofit conservation organization) or government agency whose concerns over property’s conservation or agricultural values place permanent development limits. Such limits may entail clear-cutting restrictions, amongst others. Yet in cases where plots of land are purchased from the local land management agencies, clear-cutting may be allowed for building purposes.

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