Why are bigger vehicles like buses and trash trucks usually ran off of natural gas?



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    Natural gas is a cleaner fuel than diesel typically used in these larger vehicles. It reduces emissions of soot and smog-forming chemicals, among other things. New diesel restrictions are making diesel much more clean, but natural gas is still seen as a cleaner fuel, overall. Natural gas is also a resource that can be found in the US, meaning we don’t need to import as much diesel. One of the major problems with natural gas is that there isn’t much of a distribution network for it. It’s tough to find places to refuel. When you have fleet vehicles, such as buses and other municipal vehicles, the municipality can install a natural gas refueling station for all of these vehicles to use.

    Unfortunately, natural gas is still a fossil fuel and contributes to climate change, so the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles is what we really need to be seeing.

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