Why are bidets not as popular in America?



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    It really comes down to a matter of preference, and as a country, we tend to stick together when it comes to “private matters.” While many Europeans (as well as those living in East Asia and the Middle East) believe that the use of bidets is more hygeinic than the use of toilet paper alone. This is actually a very logical theory, since rinsing with water is more effective than wiping without it. Bidets have been around since as early as the 16th century, so it’s hard to say why they didn’t come along to the New World with the settlers and immigrants from various parts of the world. If you ask me, I’d say it’s just one more thing that Americans take pride in doing differently (even if it has been proven to be less hygeinic and more wasteful).

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    I think this is just one of those things that can be chalked up to cultural differences and preferences. There is no real reason for this, it is just the way it is. 

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