Why are beuceromycets also called fungi impersecti?



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    You might be thinking of fungi imperfecti.  Fungi imperfecti are a phylum of fungi that lack a sexual phase or of which the sexual phase is not known.  The phylum is also known as Deuteromycota. 

    So if beuceromycets are called fungi impersecti, then they have no sexual phase or an unknown sexual phase.

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         Did you mean DeuteromycotaFungi imperfecti is Latin for “imperfect fungi”. These fungi don’t fit the common taxonomic classifications based on morphological characteristics or biological definitions of species. Their lifecycles aren’t completely understood and it’s not clear whether they reproduce sexually. Some experts don’t even consider fungi imperfecti a real phylum, just a grouping of whatever fungi aren’t well understood. 

         Fungi imperfecti include many well-known species, including the fungi that produce penicillin, cause athlete’s foot, and flavor camembert and roquefort cheese. 


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