Why are bees so important?



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    Bees are not only important but essential in pollinating many different types of plants. In America, we depend on the honey bees to pollinate many of our food crops; more than 100 agricultural crops are pollinated by the honey bee in America. One source states that we depend on the honey bees pollination services alone for over 1/3 of our food supply.

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    Bees are essential in the pollination of many flowering plants. Without them, they would have no way to spread their pollen and thus, reproduce. These plants are necessary for the survival of not just humans, but many other animals. If they are not pollinated, they will die and so will the entire ecosystem. Additionally, bees are also a main food source for many birds and mammals, as are there by-products, honey and bees wax. Many scientists agree that bees are among the most important animals in any ecosystem along with many other pollinating insects that help form the basis of the food chain that helps support all other life.

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