Why are bees and mosquitoes important?



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    Bees are very important to humans. They collect pollin and nectar from flowers and therefore produce the pollin that our population relies on for food. Without such pollination those plants will not produce the foods we need like watermeons and apples and numerous other foods.

    Mosquitoes also play an important role as food for many common animals in our ecosystem such as birds, spiders, etc.


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    Bees aid in the important process of pollination. They physically move pollen from the male part of a flower to another female part of a flower so that more seeds can be made (Oracle Education Foundation, 2011). Mosquitos are important for population control. They carry many diseases with them such as malaria, yellow fever, heart worms, and encephalitis (Mosquito Solutions,

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    1 out of every 3 bites of food that you take comes from a plant or depended on a plant that was pollinated by a bee.   So without bees, the world would face drastic food shortages and a decline in human population.  Furthermore, many plants can’t reproduce without bees so overall there would be less vegetation and more erosion.  

    If mosquitoes were wiped out of the ecosystem, several birds, bats, spiders, and marine life would lose it major food source.   

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