Why are bed bugs getting worse?



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    “According to Larry Pinto, author of The Techletter, a leading information source for the pest control industry, increased worldwide travel and the rising popularity of second-hand goods may be factors in the resurgence of bed bugs, but the most likely reason is our rejection of DDT and other harsh insecticides composed of chlorinated hydrocarbons.”

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    For nearly 50 years bed bugs had been virtually eradicated. The Orkin Pest Control company says that after 50 years more or less without them, it’s now treated bed bugs in all but three states. And according to the National Pest Management Association, bed bug complaints have increased 50-fold over the last five years. They’ve popped up in apartments, mansions or dormitories in nearly every corner of the country.

    Experts say the bed bug resurgence started with international travel with bugs probably hitching a ride in suitcases coming from Europe, Asia, the Middle East — places where they’ve been thriving all along. From their new American base, unwary travelers carried them on to other hotels, dormitories, into their homes. And as many people are discovering: once they’re in, they’re hard to get out.

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