Why are bald eagles our national bird?



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    They symbolise something

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    The bald eagle was named the emblem of the United States of America on June 20, 1782 for many reasons. It was chosen above other animals because it is a strong and majestic creature with a long life span. Additionally, at that time, the bald eagle was believed to only dwell in North America. According to legend, one of the first battles in the Revolutionary War woke the eagles from their slumber early in the morning. These curious eagles circled the skies above the ensuing fight and the patriots claimed that they were “shrieking for freedom”. But perhaps the most relevant reason was that the Founding Fathers saw the bald eagle as the utmost embodiment of freedom and liberty. This large predatory bird epitomizes freedom as it gracefully swoops through the limitless sky.

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    The Bald Eagle was chosen as our national bird because the Bald Eagle their life span is long, they have great strength, look majestic, and at once they were believed to only inhabit the United States of America. The Bald Eagle was chosen as a symbol of the United States on June 20, 1782 yet they were nearly wiped out in the United States at one point. They were hunted as a sport and also to protect the fish population. Also DDT has also affected the eagles, making them sick and even causing death. Currently these birds are threatened and no longer endangered.

    The bird is a carnivore and can live up to twenty-eight years. They mostly live in Canada and Alaska . These loyal birds are believed to have one mate for life. Their nests are large and the largest nest found was nine and half feet  wide and twenty feet hight. The record breaking nest weighs more than two pounds. These beautiful beasts live near the water, favoring coasts where fish is plentiful.

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