Why are badgers so mean?



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    Badgers are considered mean because they are highly territorial animals, and their territories may extend to a 3-4 square miles from their burrows.  In mating season, they can extend their territories even more than this, particularly if they are male.  Badgers are known for their never-back-down disposition, which also comes off as “mean” behavior.

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    Animals are not usually “mean” that is a word we use to describe a human emotion to something not human.  When animals are not behaving as we wish them to – such as growling, spitting, hissing, snarling, biting, running away or whatever the behavior is, they are trying to express what they feel the only way they can.  They may be hurt, scared, defending their homes or offspring.  Whatever they are doing, it isn’t to be mean to you personally.

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