Why are asian carp so dangerous to a lake’s eco system?



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    Asian Carps are dangerous to a lake’s ecosystem because they are not a native species. In order to survive, asian carps dig in mud for food and often uproot vegetation. These habits are detrimental to native species and may also create competition for food and habitat.

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    They are dangerous for a couple reasons. The first is that they are an introduced species, and as such, have no natural predators in this part of the world. This lets them reproduce at very large rates. There are so many of them now that they are taking food and habitat from native species in the waters they are living in. They are also dangerous to boaters because the vibrations from the boat motors excite the fish so much that they will jump out of the water. Thats ok when there are only a couple fish, but when a lot of 100 pound fish get airborne no one is happy… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdcQ56OpxNE&feature=related

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