Why are ants so darn strong?



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    It’s true that ants appear to be very strong for their size, dragging or even lifting into the air objects considerably heavier than they are.  However, an ant’s strength isn’t actually quite as impressive as it seems.  According to the rules of geometry, very small animals should be able to lift or move objects much heavier in proportion to their body weight than larger animals can.  In other words, if ants were human-sized they would not necessarily still be able to move objects many times their own weight.  And if humans were ant-sized, we’d be able to pull off some pretty impressive feats of strength, too.  Of course, this rule applies not just to ants but to all sorts of small creatures.  But because ants rely on their ability to carry food and nesting materials around on a daily basis, their strength is much more noticeable than that of, say, a ladybug or grasshopper.

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