Why are animals in the US given so many antibiotics?



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    Antibiotics are used mostly for monetary purposes. Antibiotics tend to be used the most by farmers selling huge quantities of meat to supermarkets, fast food chains and things of that sort. Farmers use anti-biotics to make their animals grow faster and put on weight more effectively, thus creating more profit. On mass scale farms, the farmers also have to account for the diseases that the animals can pick up. Cows and chickens often live in very close quarters where they eat, sleep, urinate and defecate, thus causing a breeding ground for disease. Anti-biotics help maintain the “health” of the animals and keep the diseases at bay (as best they can in those conditions).

    Look for “grass-fed” beef, “cage-free” chicken and eggs and “wild-caught” fish when shopping for meat. Any animal that eats what is intended to eat is not only going to taste better, it also usually means they lived in much better conditions and were treated more humanely.

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