Why are animals becoming extinct?



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    Animals become extinct for a variety of reasons. Many animals go extinct because of loss of habitat due to deforestation, urban sprawl, and climate change. In some areas of the world, poaching, or illegal hunting, is a major problem and threatens many species. The Alaotra Grebe of Madagascar, below was just declared extinct this spring as a result of an introduction of carnivorous fish and fishing with nylon gill nets.

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    Unfortunately many animals are becoming extinct. This may be because of the loss of habitat as we cut down forests or develop areas for business or homes. Some animals are being affected by new diseases, like frogs dying from Chytridiomycosis. Other species have been overharvested for food or the pet trade. Still other species have been oucompeted by introduced species.

    Yet other species have been lost and we have no idea why. There is much that remains to be learned about so many species and we are running out of time to save so many. We need better education and management plans to save animals.

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    Overfishing, deforestation, lack of sustainable farming, and the simple fact they died before we discovered them have all driven animals to extinction. The human race, when faced with the world’s infinite diversity, can cause a lot of damamge since we have a tendency to expand quickly without always a lot of consideration.

    I hope this helped!

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