Why are Americans starting to disbelieve global warming?



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    One of the reasons are the recent hacked emails between scientists that disputed some of the results for climate change.  This leads the public to believe that there is some sort of climate change conspiracy.  Another reason is that the climate in North America actually experienced a cool year last year.  This has lead many to believe that the climate is not changing.

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    There are multiple political agendas trying to suppress the belief in global warming among the American public. One method is to promote the idea of global cooling – the idea that the exact opposite of global warming is actually happening. Then politicians pay their own scientists to give reports supporting their agenda. The reason for doing this is usually the fact that certain major political forces have their hands in the pockets of big businesses who make a lot of money off of unfriendly environmental practices, and suffer when people start to worry so much about global warming. Industrialization & big business = big money for big politicians.

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