Why are Americans so wasteful?



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    Americans are wasteful because of cultural reasons. Americans live in a very capitalist society that promotes waste because of “freedom.” Sometimes waste is justified as a freedom. Americans live in a consumer culture, which makes our values cheap, because everything is replaceable and everything can be consumed. 

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    Because they can.

    People are ignorant and selfish, often unintentionally. People often are not concerned with what happens before and after they own and use an item. It is also due to society. People have always had garbage and we require garbage pick up as much as we require education and medical services. Since we were young, we saw garbage as something natural and harmless unless it in not in the right place. What we do not realize is that there is no “right place”. Out of site is out of mind for most people.

    People rarely question the norms of society, remminicient of sheep.

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    I live in America, and I definitely notice a culture that needs instant gratification. Especially with the younger generation, a lot of things are very attainable and very expendable. We use a lot of resources to satiate our high consumption. Last summer, I was talking to a friend of mine about some of the differences between his native country, Brazil, and America. He told me that things in America are so much easier to get: cars, houses, toys, etc. This plays a part in the wastefulness. If something breaks, we just throw it away and go get another.

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    Many Americans are fortunate enough to not necessarily have to worry where their next meal is coming from, so to speak.  They’re able to buy and use things nearly right when they need or want them, instead of searching for something that they already possess.  This leads to a line of thinking that supports wasteful consuming; why keep leftovers and scraps around if you can just buy more later?

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