Why are Americans so wasteful?



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    Mostly because people from the United States have no concept of the luxury they actually live in. tehy are so surrounded by excess that they have become inured to the idea that this is wasteful, and that these things have value for the less fortunate.

    I hope this helped!

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    There are many reasons for this…I’ll let you pick your favorite :o)

    1) We, not only as Americans, but humans in general, believe in a Cornucopia of resources–a plethora of land, trees, fresh water, natural resources and etc. This behavior goes back to our Anglo-European mindframe of dominance over land, sea, and every reptile that exists. We dominated lands and peoples because of a perceived God-given right, i.e. it is God’s gift to the people for them to use it as they wish.

    2) “Cradle-to-Grave” concept: producers intentionally make things so consumers will use them, break them (or just desire the latest trend), throw them away and buy something new and innovative to improve their lives or save them more time, energy & money. Without this cycle, there woudl be no growth, and without continuous growth, businesses would die out.

    Fortunatley, there is also a concept called “Cradle-to-Cradle”, which strives to make things that are reusable, fully recyclable (not like those silly juice box cartons that are made of 3-5 different components), if not biodegradable entirely.

    Americans and American businesses believe, more or less, that this cycle has to come through products, but if we just put a little more effort into our design cycle, in addition to our philosophy of “how we make things”, businesses might save more mula and have it look better on their PR by reusing recycled products instead of raw natural resources.

    3) Lastely (and yes, I do have more reasons, but for time’s sake…), in addition to being slightly on the languorous side, we have a short-term memory span when it comes to technology or the latest trends that the Mother culture wants us to consume. We forget that just how much we consume and throw away. We don’t have that big pile of junk sitting in our driveway blocking our way to work, so we’re bound to take that priveledge of trash-removal for granted.

    Happy consuming ^_^

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    I believe that Americans are wasteful because of capitalism and Mills’ harm principle. Americans were the first to bring about close to complete capitalism and seem to want to keep it that way. Capitalism seems to force people to be selfish for their own good. We also have this perception that we can do and buy anything we would like as long as it does not harm others. So buying many goods does not directly harm others and we do not care to see the indirect consequences. 

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    Because we have developed a society that has ALLOWED us to be wasteful.  BP is still in business, while other better alternatives are still out of grasp, because we buy into our conveniences.  We continually make the choice.  Cheap gas, so so more money for tvs, blu-rays, ipads and iphones, while our solutions to sustainable life are too expensive.  We have marketing gimmicks in stores than encourage excess, “buy more spend less” that perpetuate the easy unnecessary. 

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    Education is a very important key. In many areas people are not educated as to why it is bad to be so wasteful. Children follow the example of their parents and may use a lot more than necessary because they simply do not know any other way. Some times people do not realize there is an alternative that would save resources. It is important to begin with educating the children, as they will take the information home to their parents. We must also use mediums like the Internet, television, and radio to educate adults on how to conserve resources and use more environmentally friendly products.

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