Why are Americans so destructive to natural resources?



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    On a short-term basis, there is lots of money to be made when we strip resources from land without concern for sustainability. America is built upon the concept of individual and economic achievement, not so much on the idea of environmental sustainability. You don’t need a citation to know that. For example, sustainable forestry practices necessitate restraint against cutting certain trees, so on a short term basis there is less profit made.

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    America, in recent years, has been a culture of consumption. We are encouraged to spend as much money on disposable products as possible -for example, buying a new  phone every year or  two.  It’s ironic because when this country was first founded, frugality was stressed; an item as simple as a frying pan or a watch was precious, built to last, and passed down through the family. 

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    There’s been some measure of arrogance in the world power at every stage throughout history… it’s us now, but historically it’s been Rome or Great Britain or any number of other places. We think ourselves invincible and that the world is essentially our oyster. It didn’t help that we were so ignorant (perhaps willfully so) on just what effect our actions and “we take whatever we want” attitude was having on the world around us.

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