Why are algal blooms bad? Don’t algae consume CO2?



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    Algae blooms absorb carbon emissions, then algae sink to the icy depths, removing CO2 from the atmosphere for hundreds of years. Scientists considered using artificially creating algal blooms to extend this process for absorbing greenhouse gases, but there were concerns of unforeseen side effects in fragile ecosystems. A team of UK scientists found evidence that the process has been occurring naturally for millions of years, prompting the UN to okay artificial algal blooms.

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    There are some algal blooms that are called “harmful algal blooms” or HABs. These types of algae that form the HABs may produce toxic substances in the water. These may accumulate in living tissue and cause disease, even in humans, and lead to fatalities. HABs can kill large amounts of sea life including fish that humans may depend on for subsistence.

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