Why are Africanized honey bees so dangerous?



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    Africanized honey bees, or “killer bees,” as they’re colloquially known, are somewhat exaggerated in their dangerous reputation. Their venom is no stronger than that of the European honey bee. THe main difference is that they are much more aggressive when disturbed, and their hive does not need to be physically disturbed to cause this reaction. Africanized honey bees have been known to become agitated when the ground is vibrated by traffic, power equipment, or other seemingly non-invasive actions. They can remain agitated for 24 hours, attacking anything within a quarter-mile that is perceived as a potential threat.

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    Africanized honee bees, or killer bees, are extremely agressive. This agressive drive is what leads them to attack any threat. They usually attack in numbers and have even caused human deaths. The venom in an africanized bee is no more potent and venemous than that of a honee bee. Because they attack in numbers, that means multiple stings, and a smaller chance of escaping injury free no matter the victim.

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