Why are the African Honey bees the most cross?



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    African Honey Bees are also known as Killer Bees.  Their aggressive and bold attitude probably steams from their territorial nature.  They chase and sting animals and humans that stray into their territory, sometimes causing death to their victim.  They are also known to push bees out of their territory to take it over as their own.  These defensive and angry bees are adaptable, making it easy for them to be widespread and to live in other bees’ hives.

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    If you’re asking how crossed the African honey bee is in terms of genetics, it is a hybrid resulting from crossing the African bee with several members of the European honey bee.

    If you are asking why they always appear so angry, it’s because they are so territorial, just like buggirl said. They will become agitated if anybody approaches from 50 feet of a colony and will chase its victims for up to 1/2 a mile and remain agitated for an entire hour.

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