Why is America destroying so many of our natural resources?



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    Because we have to provide for our growing population and because we need to provide for the insatiable appetite of the population that already exists.  Not only are we are expanding but we’re also staying alive longer and we want more things while we’re alive.  All of these factors combined makes it (almost) a necessity that we continue to expand.  What’s unfortunate is that although we (the world population) will continue to grow, the world does not.  This means that we will continue to infringe on all of her natural resources until … we run out?  we figure out a way to be more efficient? we stop growing? 

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    A big reason also is for money. Some people don’t care about the environment or natural resources; they only care about the money that they can make. Like rn4fldhcky mentioned, the large population that America has is also a contributing factor. People are living longer and the world’s population continues to rise, putting a strain on the natural resources currently available. 

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    America destroys a lot of its natural resources because of its cultural values. Many Americans believe they have the best quality of life when they are rich and can afford a lot of material items. We live in a very materialistic society. Consider the many shows out there that feature wealthy people’s cars, houses, etc. We tend to buy and use more than what we need because that behavior is valued in our culture. This has led to the exploitation of resources in terms of production, including large houses, businesses, strip malls, etc. 

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