Why is aloe vera good for your skin?



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    Aloe vera is so good for your skin and is found in so many skin care products because of the plant’s special properties. Aloe has a strong ability to stimulate cell growth and repair damaged tissue. Thus, it is found in products that help dry and cracked skin, sunburnt skin, etc.

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    According to the article below, there are several theories as to why aloe is so good for the skin. One is that it blocks thromboxane, which is an enzyme that keeps burns from healing quickly, which is why aloe is good for burns. Another is that it contains pectin, a carb that encourages skin cells to heal. Lastly, other theories hinge on aloe’s vitamins and anti-inflammatory effects.

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    There are many skin benefits to using aloe vera. As sfincher notes, aloes is a great healing aid for burns. In addition to it’s healing benefits, it has been found that aloe very can help keep your skin healthy even when it is not burned, or otherwise compromised. Collagen is a major structural protein in your body and a primary protein in your skin. Aloe vera stimulates cell renewal and can actually increase the rate at which collagen is produced.

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    Aloe Vera has also been known to help with Eczema. Aloe Vera also help more than just your skin. It has been known to help boost the immune systems and has been benefiting a lot of people medicinally for over 4,000 years.

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