Why is air pollution in London so high?



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    Back in the 1950s, London’s air pollution was heavily attributed to coal-burning factories.  Now, emissions from vehicles are the largest source of pollution along with the emissions coming from upwind neighboring industrial areas.  The city of London has faced heavy fines due to non-compliance of emissions laws from the European environmental commission as recently as last year, but there is much being done to combat the problem.  For instance, many city vehicles have been converted to ethanol-enriched gasoline and cars made in the last few years are replacing older, less efficient models.  Other measures include promoting hybrid vehicles and solar-generated heating systems.

    To see what the air quality is like in London today, check out the URL below:

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    Industrialization within large cities such as London can cause major air pollution as high toxic particles become more concentrated over an urban area. London has a long history of coal burning, which was a significant factor contributing to the Great London Smog of 1952, one of the worst cases of air pollution in an urban area in history. However I think the case is, as it is with many cities, that they are simply failing to address the problem as seriously as they should. London has consistently been above EU standards for air quality, yet have not made any significant legislation to fix the main sources of the problem: vehicle exhaust fumes and industrial fumes.

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    Great Britain has a lot of problems with pollution in general. The Industrial Revolution originated in Britain, so they’ve been pumping out waste for over 200 years.  That and it’s a relatively small island, so it’s a recipe for disaster. 

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