Why is agriculture such a cause for concern in America?



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    Agriculture is a cause for concern for many reasons. First of all, most of the water used in the world (not just in the United States!) is used by agriculture. With water-conservation in mind, agriculture becomes quite an issue. Secondly, the use of petrochemicals for biocide and fertilizing reasons is a cause for concern, as it increases reliance on oil and these compounds can contaminate soil, water, and air. Thirdly, think about it! Food is important! How we get food and how much that food will cost, in terms of money and environmental destruction, is definitely something to be concerned about. I haven’t even touched on the concerns of susbsidization and its effects on our economy, which is a whole other issue to be worried about.

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    Everything said above is very true.  Just to add some other things in, we are destroying the soil with all the fertilizer and monoculture we currently perform.  The more we rely on these methods, the more we ruin the soil, thus causing us to have to use more fertilizer to keep things growing.  This is obviously a problem as well because it is a vicious cycle that wont end well

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