Why is agriculture heavily subsidized in the US?



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    I can tell you right from the beginning that this answer is going to be a biased one. I am a proponent of eating organic and locally. Only certain crops are highly subsidized by the government. The biggest ones that come to mind are corn, soy beans, and wheat. These crops are subsidized because they are the main ingredient in almost every food product made. The United States has to subsidize these crops because they are bought from the farmer at a price that is well under what it costs to produce the product. The huge monoculture farms grow one crop and they grow it well. But, not well enough to continue to support our processed food monopoly. The government will pay a certain amount for corn because it is needed for so many different things. If the price of corn were to be raised, it would raise the price of almost every food product that is made just as we saw when the gasoline prices raised.

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