Why is Africa so far behind in its development?



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    This is a very complicated question. I recommend reading Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs and Steel for a books worth of explanation on this. He argues that the reason Africa and South America are less developed then other parts of the world is a combination of environmental factors. Mostly that Africa has fewer domestic able plants and animals and that both continentsare mostly North/South oriented instead of East/West Oriented like North America and Eurasia. This makes it more difficult to move plants from place to place because the climate changes more as you move from North/South then it does when you move East/West. Because they had a slower start Western Europe was able to over power and conquer and the like and have been struggling to catch up ever since.

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    I agree.  To another end, it is partly due to corrupt, incompetent, or inefficient leaders who have tried to rule countries and hold their people together.  Another point I would say is that there is no infrastructures. No roads means people are less connected.  They can’t get food and healthcare as easily, and feel removed from government and the nation. This had lead to tribes and factions that often become hostile and violent.

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