Why is acid rain bad?



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    Acid rain has harmful effects on plants, aquatic animals, and infrastructure because it has elevated levels of hydrogen ions (low ph).

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    Acid rain is most often a result of human activities that create emissions such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide. Acid rain can be damaging to human health, wildlife species, forests, soil, water, and even some buildings. Acid rain can degrade soil and water quality which can cause plant and animal death. It can affect trees by damaging their leaves which in serve cases can lead to their death. Another major problem with acid rain is that it is a transboundary pollution problem, where one countries emissions may cause acid rain in another country.

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    Acid rain contains co2 and so2 , which are released from factories.Its effects are:-

    a)when falls get mixed  in water bodies harming the habitat of aquatic lifeforms.

    b)when get mixed with soil lowers its pH affecting the plant growth.

    c)It is also affecting the monument as we know Taj mahal has been become somewhat yellow.

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