why 2 head snakes are expensive



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    Two-headed snakes are incredibly rare, which is what makes them so expensive.  There are a few in captivity around the world, and researchers have found that the two heads actually quarrel over food and which direction to go!  They are actually two separate snakes sharing a body. 


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    The two-headed snake is rare and is real. They are so rare that Dr. Gordon Burghardt, a herpetologist at the University of Tennessee who has studied many two-headed snakes before, stated that these creatures are found every several years. Dr. Burghardt stated that two-headed snakes have difficulty eating because the two heads fight over who gets to swallow the prey and often have difficulty deciding which way to go therefore making it vulnerable to predators. The doctor also stated that because of those problems, two-headed snakes have problems surviving in the wild. James Badman of Arizona State University agreed that having two heads is definitely a hindrance in the wild.

    Two-headed snakes are so expensive because they are extremely rare. The snakes have two heads due to anomaly not because of evolution. Two-headed snakes occur the same way as Siamese twins are. It occurs when an embryo begins to split but stops before completion leaving twins joined.


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