Whose job is it to patrol international water to enforce fishing and whaling restrictions?



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    The International Whaling Commission (IWC) is a commission of 88 nations that works to restrict whaling worldwide. In 1986, the IWC enacted a moratorium on commercial whaling. Unfortunately, the organization can only make and review restrictions on whaling.

    Sea Shepherd was granted law enforcement powers by the United Nations World Charter for Nature. They investigate, document and take direct action to inerfere with illegal whaling in international waters. Unfortunately, in nations such as Japan, Iceland and Norway where commercial whaling is still rampant, the enforcement power of Sea Shepherd is not recognized and members can be arrested for interfering with whaling operations.

    Long story short, enforcing fishing and whaling restrictions is a tricky situation. It will take pressure from citizen’s and governments worldwide to gain international cooperation to observe these restrictions.

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    Every country under the oversight of the International Whaling Commision is supposed to be self enforcing. Although there are various devices that can allow satellites and other measures to watch whaling ships, self-enforcement has historically never been a particularly effective way of making sure people stay honest, which is why you will often see environmental groups sending out Anti-whaling vessels, in an attempt to prevent excesses not being reported by self enforcement

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