Who’s do you feel is a good artist for my apartment, I need someone with lots of colors.



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    Well personally, my favorite artists are Salvador Dali and Wyland.  I’m not sure of your color scheme so it’s kind of hard to say what lots of colors means to you.  I would recommend going to a custom framing shop and flipping through their prints.  They will usually have books upon books of different artists that you can search through to find what fits your style best.

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    I would recommend Eleanor Grosch.  Her art is similar to Charley Harper’s in that it depicts wildlife in a minimalistic, abstract way.  Here screenprints are relatively cheap, (most expensive is $40) and she uses lots of bright colors! I have some of her pieces in my apartment, and it looks great.  

    Here are some examples of her work.  All of these prints are available on her website http://www.pushmepullyoudesign.com/  Good luck decorating! 


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    Go to your local thrift or antique store, you’ll be able to browse through a very broad selection of what they have on hand, and you can take it home that day if you like it. Getting furniture from thrift stores prevents perfectly good stuff fro being tossed into the landfill. Plus, it’s cheap. It’s one of those “save the earth, save your wallet” situations where you don’t have to spend extra to go green.

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    I found this site called greenmuseum.org. It was founded in 2001 and it consists of a lot of artists whose art depicts environmental issues. Most of the art there is photographs, but here is a sample of colorful environmental paintings by an artist called Linda Gass.

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