with whom the concept of ‘hegemony’ is associated?



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    Hegemony is leadership or dominance by one country over another, often in indirect ways. Hegemony is associated with the United States, because after the Cold War the United States rose as the dominant world power and therefore capitalism became the dominant way of life. The USA by working with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank support capitalism on a global scale by inflicting free market policies on the developing world. The link in the citations provides more specific examples of incidents where the USA has been involved in other countries’ business and policies, be it by law or by force. 

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      who is the author who is associated with the concept of hegemony????

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      I am sorry I misunderstood. Hegemony is a Marxist term, used by Lenin and others in their philosophy. It indicates political leadership of the working class in a democratic revolution. A central theorist is Antonio Gramsci who discusses hegemony at length.

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