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    Thefirstthingtodo,bucko, is learn where the space key is on your keyboard. They try to make it obvious so that you’ll stumble across it on the way to more interesting keys, but canny observers have noticed nonetheless it’s almost always center bottom.

    Bananas have seven states as far as the Chiquita banana company is concerned. Ok, so in another place they claim only five. I claim three.

    1. Young, with a bitter taste that most people find awful. The skin at this point may be green or yellow.
    2. Mature. The bitter taste is gone. Bananas are mostly yellow, with maybe a little green.
    3. Very mature. All yellow, starting to have brown flecks. The banana has converted much of its starch to sugar. It’s sweeter, but also softer. Great for cooking, but many people prefer them in the previous stage.

    So, yes, that means bananas at least starting to get spots are the ones to look for, if they will be eaten right away.

    There are a couple basic tricks to slow — or speed up — banana ripening. These are important, because almost all bananas are cut and shipped when green.

    Bananas in nature, in growing Zone 9, go from blossom to ripe in as little as three months, but could easily take six months.

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