Is whole milk better for you than fat free milk?



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    Skim milk is actually healthier than whole milk for several reasons. Skim milk has little or no fat in it and contains more nutrients than whole milk does. When skim milk is processed, it becomes more nutritionally dense than whole milk; skim milk has more protein, calcium, and potassium per 8 oz than whole milk does. The vitamin content is generally the same, as skim milk is fortified with the vitamins it loses during processing.

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    Whole milk is better. Whole milk contains glycosphingolipids, types of fats linked to immune system health and cell metabolism and it contains vitamins A and D which are fat-soluble (meaning that you can’t absorb them from milk when all the fat has been skimmed off).

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    It depends on your age. Whole milk is much better for babies, because the nutrients promote growth, as do the added calories. the rapid growth rate demands this little extra, and it is often advised that you should not restrict the fat content of foods like milk and cheeses until they are two years old. They have very small stomachs, yet in this tiny amount of room they need a higher concentration of calories.

    For adults it is the opposite, skim milk is lower in fat, and a low fat diet becomes imperative for an adult, as fats are linked to serious long term health problems that crop up later in life.

    If you carefully monitor your fat intake, milk with higher fat content like 1 or 2 percent may be used to take in the added nutritional benefits that are found in the milkfat.

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    It also depends on your cholesterol levels. Whole milk has much more cholesterol than skim, and whole vs skim should be something each person will have to consider for themselves.

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    Interesting answers for both sides but I would say go for the middle ground and drink 2%. I like the consistency of this type of milk best anyway; whole milk is too think and skim milk feels like water, but 2% is juuuuuuust right. 

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