Is whole foods the greenest grocery store?



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    It is one of the greenest grocery stores, in my opinion. However, there are lot of of other greener grocery stores to shop in. For example, your town may or may not have a co-op grocery store that sells more organic stuff than Whole Foods does – such as a Wheatsville Co-op. Aside from this, there is the Hannaford Supermarket in Augusta, Maine that not only is certified in selling organic produce but geothermal cooling and heating, natural lighting, and solar panels. Whole Foods has a similar store in Dedham, Mass.  where its steel framework is made of 100% receclyed materials and also uses solar panes. Again, I think Whole Foods is one of America’s greenest grocery store chains but it I think there are others that are more so – like the Hannaford Supermarket. Ultimately, that is up to opinion.

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    I agree with deniseapril that local co-ops are way better than Whole Foods. Whole Foods will act like other grocery stores by importing products from far away while local co-ops may have better connections with local farmers. A co-op is more than just a grocery store; it is a community. Co-op members often purchase refundable shares in the company while non-members pay an extra 15% or so of the shelf price. Anyone who owns shares also owns a piece of the co-op and can vote for the board of directors just like shareholders of a corporation do. So, by joining a co-op, you can have a say in how your grocery store is run. I am a shareholding member of the Davis co-op, and I find it a good place to shop for many things such as replacement heads for toothbrushes (seriously, why would anyone throw away the handle every time?). However, I also like the local produce stand because their stock of fruits and vegetables is completely local and changes with the seasons. Farmers markets are also a great place to shop for local fruits and vegetables.

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