Who is your favorite green person?



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    I would have to say that my favorite green person is Ingrid Newkirk, the president and co-founder of PETA. Under her direction, the organization has made great strides toward the ethical treatment of animals and the environment including influencing big corporations to change their tactics regarding animals. Hundreds of companies have been convinced to stop testing on animals and hundreds of people have rethought their relationships with animals, thanks to the dedication and zany tactics of this woman. Her activism and the organization she heads is green because it is opposed to factory farms (the largest contributor of greenhouse gas, pollution, and global warming) as well as opposing leather (which causes a significant amount of pollution). By encouraging people to abstain from meat and respect fellow earthlings, Ingrid Newkirk is doing her part to make everyone more green.

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    As a disclaimer, this is merely an opinion. I am a big fan of Van Jones, despite the controversy over him. No matter what Glen Beck has to say, Jones has a lengthy resume for being a green collar job advocate in the bay area. He has helped poor communities raise their quality of life while improving the environment.

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    Leo DiCaprio—– good looking and cares about the environment–what could be better?! hahaha.

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    Majora Carter!  She fights for environmental justice in low income, mostly black communities.  Her mission is “Greening the Ghetto,” and she is the founder of Sustainable South Bronx. 

    I am a fan of hers because she is a voice for those who want to live in a healthy environment, but don’t necessarily have adequate means to improve their situation.


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    Currently? Al Gore. People criticize him a lot for his personal life and political career, but I really do think he’s helped the environment. He’s brought a lot of publicity to environmental issues. “An Inconvenient Truth” was, in my opinion, so-so as a documentary, but it got a lot of attention. Like it or not, but image works in favor of environmentalism. (ex. For a time, PETA called fish “sea kittens” to get them more attention. I kid you not: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=99249669)

    Of all time? Teddy Roosevelt. He really got the conservation movement started in America (though some presidents before him also laid the foundation). Plus, he’s just such a character that it’s difficult not to like him.

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    My good friend Gina. She just cares SO MUCH about the environment and it seems to physically hurt her when she witnesses anyone littering, sees logging trucks, or hears people being apathetic. She is often the one to intervene when our friends don’t separate their garbage/recycling correctly or to reprimand someone for being wasteful. I admire this about her because its never easy to be the one that speaks up and pushes others to care; some give her grief about it but she doesn’t care. She has devoted her career and life to being green and sustainable- and wants to help people reach these goals for themselves. She has definitely influenced me and my awareness about how I affect the environment. 

    Read more: http://greenanswers.com/q/73090/ideas-philosophies/polls-surveys/who-inspires-you-most-be-green#ixzz1MHrnnnjg

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    One of my favorite green people has to be Carina Menzies. She’s not a famous celebrity or someone I personally know, she’s the creator and founder of Everyday Minerals. I love that her mission is provide women everywhere with organic, cruelty-free makeup that is affordable. To add to this wonderful mission, she also practices fair trade.

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