Who is your favorite green architect?



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    My father-in-law, Alejandro Torres.  He doesn’t have a website, lives in southern rural Chile, and is still building houses out of cordwood, green roofs, and all sorts of things even though his sight’s impaired by cataracts so much that he has to hold all the blue prints up against his nose to read them.  But the man can still build.  

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    I don’t have a favorite green achitect, however, Todd Jersey is a company that does green building and such. After reading americalibre’s answer though, her father-in-law might just take the place of my favorite green architect. I find it admirable that he’s so devoted to building green houses even with cataracts. That’s amazing, and that’s a beautiful home.

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    My favorite green architect is William McDonough. He wrote the book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, which is one of the best sustainability books out there in my opinion. He is currently working on designing an eco city in China. He has some really amazing design concepts. 

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