Who is your favorite environmental writer?



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    My favorite environmental writer would have to be Aldo Leopold.  His book, A Sand County Almanac, has become a famous tribute to the beauty of nature as we know it today and how it was then.  In it, he wrote a journal about everything he saw in nature starting in winter and ending in fall.  Some of his stories are startling, such as when he describes an encounter with wolves.  Less scientific and more like a novel, his writing is easily enjoyable.  If you want to inspire kids to care about nature, hand them this instead of a textbook.

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    One of my favourites is Thomas Friedman. He is a columnist for the New York Times, and is a Nobel Laureate. He often writes about globalization and economics, and has a bestseller called “Hot, Crowded, and Flat,” that is very compelling.

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    He’s not exactly an “environmental writer,” but I really enjoyed “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer.  He does an excellent job of highlighting the important points of why factory farming is so destructive in a somewhat-narrative form.  I would definitely recommend that book to anyone who enjoys environmental literature; it’s eye-opening.  That, and his writing style is simply beautiful.

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    Rachel Carson is a great environmental writer. She wrote books such as The Sunless Sea, Silent Spring, The Sense of Wonder, and other great nature books. Rachel Carson was a writer, a biologist (ecologist), and a scientist. Her books, I’ve found, are both informative, educational, and interesting.

    Someone who’s not a biologist or specifically an environmentalist, but who writes great books that involve nature, is Jean Craighead George. She wrote such books as Frightful’s Mountain, Julie of the Wolves, Dipper of Copper Creek, My Side of the Mountain, How to Talk to Animals, and so many other great nature books. Her books are probably geared more the the younger audiences, but I still enjoy some of her novels! 

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    Julie Gabriel.  As I have more of an interest in aesthetics specifically, she provides great insight and information into eco-friendly ways within the industry.  The book is called, ‘The Green Beauty Guide’.

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    Although Michael Pollan is more know for is knowledge of food, and less known for his knowledge of the environment, I still consider him my favorite environmental writer.  Many of his dietary suggestions have a positive impact on the environment, and I find all of his works equally interesting and entertaining.

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